Weight Control Hypnotherapy

EF2087This three part program is a unique blend of counseling, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and conscious reinforcement  It is simply the most comprehensive weight loss program on the market today.  It will give you the knowledge and the tools you need to guarantee your success.

The weight counseling part of your program will give you an understanding of how the mind functions.  You’ll understand how you’ve created eating habits that are causing you to be overweight and you’ll understand how with hypnosis, those old eating habits can be easily change.

1In the first part of the program, I’ll teach you a self hypnotic technique you can use anytime to reinforce the changes created with your hypnotic sessions.  I’ll discuss how myths you may have created about food or about yourself are standing between you and your success.  I’ll explain why diets don’t work and how by using hypnosis, common sense and what I call “mindful eating” you will have long term success.  I’ll give you an overview of nutrition and exercise.  Before using your hypnotics sessions you will have the knowledge and understanding you need to be successful.

2Next, the Hypnotic sessions will change the way you think about food and about yourself.  You’ll be satisfied with small portions at meal time.  You’ll eliminate the desire for junk food and sweets.  Those cravings that in the past may have caused you to fail just won’t be there anymore.  You’ll easily avoid snacking.  You’ll see food as fuel.  You’ll no longer associate food with love, comfort, relaxation, entertainment, or reward.  Emotions will no longer cause you to overeat or snack.  With these sessions, you’ll reprogram the subconscious mind so that you easily and naturally let go of those unwanted pounds.  You’ll be thinking thin.

3Finally, the conscious reinforcement sessions will give you a winning attitude and they are incredibly effective at reinforcing the changes in thinking you make with hypnosis.  Since these sessions are not hypnotic in the traditional sense, you can use them anytime.  Many clients like to use them in their car, something you can’t do with the hypnotic sessions.

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Track Details
Title Length
01 – How To Use Your Program 21:12
02 – Hypnosis Explained 12:15
03 – Myths 05:39
04 – Mindful Eating, Deep Breathing 11:36
05 – Nutrition 07:38
06 – Exercise 02:56
07 – Summary 04:02
08 – Hypnotic Session 1 – Create Change Part A 35:01
09 – Hypnotic Session 2 – Create Change Part B 23:30
10 – Hypnotic Session 3 – Day Session 13:21
11 – Pep Talk 16:10
12 – Terminator 11:45
13 – Quick Fix 07:39