Understanding Why You’re Overweight

fit womanBefore doing the hypnotic part of any weight loss session, I spent time talking with the client about their day with food.  I want to know; when they eat, what type of food they consume, how much they eat at each meal, do they snack, do they eat more when they’re stressed of depressed, etc.?  I want to know what eating habits the client and I need to change with hypnosis so they will lose those extra pounds.  Then I explain to the client, how we’re going to change these eating habits with hypnosis.  Why the will naturally eat less. Why they will easily make better choices.  No matter what weight loss program you choose, take time to analyze your day with food. I find that many times clients can’t see the forest because all those #### trees keep blocking their view.  In my next post I’ll give you some examples.