Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

breaking cigarette habitsSmoking is a habit driven behavior.  When you started smoking you created the habit of smoking in the subconscious mind.  When you don’t smoke the subconscious does what you’ve programmed it to do, it reminds you to smoke.  This reminder translates to “I want a cigarette” on the conscious level of thought.

With hypnosis habits can easily be changed.  With my unique blend of counseling, hypnosis, and neuro-linguistic programming you can eliminate that old habit of smoking from your life.

In the counseling part of your program, I’ll explain in detail how the mind functions.  How you created that old habit of smoking and how with hypnosis you can get rid of that old habit.  I’ll talk about how myths you have created about smoking may have caused you to fail in the past.  I’ll describe how if you get some mild residual cravings you can easily eliminate them.  I’ll explain why
when you use this program to stop smoking, you won’t gain weight.  I’ll teach you a self hypnotic technique that you can use anytime that will always remind you the desire to smoke is gone.

This technique will also help you focus on the benefits being a non-smoker brings to your life.  The counseling part of your program will give you the knowledge and understanding you need to be successful.

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01 – How To Use Your Program 10:47
02 – Counseling 28:41
03 – Hypnotic Session 34:28

My Testimonial,

“I know hypnosis works, it’s how I stopped smoking!.  For years I was a heavy smoker and convinced I was addicted to the chemical properties of the cigarette. I was unable to STOP. Then, I accepted a management position with a company that did not allow smoking on company property.  The owner had watched his father, a heavy smoker, die of emphysema and lung cancer.”


“Within a short time, I didn’t think about smoking when I was in the office, however, the minute I drove off company property I had to have a cigarette.  That’s when I knew smoking was nothing more than a habit.  By not smoking while I was in the office, I had modified my habit and did not crave a cigarette while I was there.” 


“For years I had utilized hypnosis to change other unwanted behaviors in my life and had helped friends with hypnosis. I knew habits could be changed. So, I used hypnosis to become a non-smoker.  A few years after becoming a non-smoker and studying hypnosis, I made it my profession.

I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist and have helped thousands of people do what I did– “become non-smokers”.


Jim Poe