Session Information

Lose weight

With my program you will change the way you think about food, have a smaller appetite. And find the desire to snack is gone! Making the right choices will be easy and your desire for sweets and junk food won’t be there anymore. Emotional eating will be a thing of the past.

Why? With hypnosis, I address the source of the problem, your eating habits. During the counseling part of your session, I’ll explain how you created these habits in the subconscious mind and how they can be easily changed with hypnosis. You will learn a self hypnotic technique to reinforce the changes I made during your hypnotic sessions. You will understand how by using the conscious


Stress Reduction

More than 60% of all visits to the doctor are for stress related illnesses.  My stress reduction program will free you from the disabling bonds of stress and teach your mind and body to relax on command through self relaxation (self hypnosis).   Reclaim your right to a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Life is much too short to go to bed troubled, lose sleep and wake up worried.

Following just one session you will feel the difference!  In the comfort of your own home, you will continue to use hypnosis by listening to your recorded hypnotic session (no additional charge) and utilize the self hypnotic skills taught in your session.  You will find that excessive stress is a thing of the past.


Stop Smoking

It doesn’t matter how long you have smoked, the number of packs per day, the number of times you have tried to quit or even that you like to smoke.  You can stop smoking, without the withdrawal or weight gain.  A willingness to change is all that is necessary.

How does it work?  Through hypnosis we will set aside the analytical part of the mind and give the subconscious mind powerful and positive suggestions concerning cigarettes and smoking.  The subconscious works much like a computer and in charge of your smoking habit; it literally reminds you to smoke.  It’s the subconscious reminder that creates the cravings for a cigarette.  After your session you will be the same person, however, under hypnosis your subconscious has been changed, it will no longer remind you to smoke.  That old habit of smoking has been removed, it’s like you never smoked.   You will not have withdrawal symptoms or a desire to smoke!.

MY GUARANTEE: Typically success comes with one session.  However, as we all have special personalities with different needs — I will be available to you for up to one year at no additional cost!  If you struggle, gain weight, or if you smoke for any reason, I’m a phone call or click away.


Study Habits and Memory Development

Hypnosis improves classroom and study performance through greater concentrations and recall and by relieving test anxieties.  Individuals preparing for State Boards, CPA, Bar, promotions, and other professional exams utilize my specialized training.


Sports Enhancement

Professional and Olympic athletes use hypnosis to reach their true potential.  The same training in confidence, concentration, and mental relaxation can improve your golf, tennis, running, and team sports performance.


Other Applications

  • Self-confidence
  • Public Speaking
  • Procrastination
  • Smokeless Tobacco
  • Enhancing Creativity
  • Sales Motivation
  • Fears and Phobias

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