Most clients know some of the things they are doing that is causing the extra pounds.  However, very few are actually seeing the entire picture.  Those trees I talked about in the last post just keep blocking their view.  For example, I worked with a lady a few months ago who wanted to lose about fifty pounds.  She had tried several diets and weight loss programs with little success.  She told me she had been very good about staying in the parameters of the diet or program.  After talking through her day with food, it was easy to see why she was having problems.  She was snacking during the day, never taking time for a meal.  Then, eating a large meal in the evening and going to bed shortly after having this meal. Her choices weren’t that bad and the overall amount of food she was consuming was probably in the parameters of the diet or program.  But, the way she was eating was the problem.  With hypnosis, we changed these habits so she was eating several small meals through out the day and those extra pounds are no longer there.  Another problem I see quite often are clients who do well at meal time, but don’t think about the soft drinks they have with or between meals.  After all, it’s a liquid, so it really doesn’t count. This is a problem easily solved with hypnosis.   Again, no matter what weight loss program you choose, take time to analyze your day with food. Know what eating habits you need to change.woman-cd