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Jim PoeAbout Myself

I have worked as a professional hypnotist for over 30 years.  I am certified as a clinical hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Southern Institute of Hypnosis.  I have a graduate degree in psychology and advanced training in neuro-linguistic programming.

In my many years of practice I have helped over 8,000 people lose weight, stop smoking and change unwanted behaviors with my unique blend of counseling, hypnosis and conscious reinforcement.

About Hypnotherapy

There are many fallacies and misconceptions concerning hypnosis.  The best starting point in understanding hypnosis is to forget the Hollywood movie version with the swinging watch and people under the hypnotist’s control.  At no time in the hypnotic state are you ever asleep, unconscious, in a dark mysterious trance and certainly you are never giving up control.  Hypnosis is a pleasant, relaxing, daydream like state.  In this state the critical factor is set aside and suggestions given by the hypnotist are accepted as face, as long as they are in line with your wishes, morals, beliefs and desires.  Hypnosis is as safe as it is powerful.

General Informationnational guild of hypnotists

      • Everyone can experience hypnosis.
      • All work is done by certified clinical hypnotherapists.
      • You will know the entire cost of your program before your appointment is made.
      • My high quality digital products are complete hypnotherapy sessions at greatly discounted rate.
      • The majority of in-person sessions are done on an individual basis.  That means that your program will be tailored to your special wants and needs.
      • My unique techniques have served thousands of clients.
      • Should you decide to go through the in-person program with a friend, a substantial discount will be given.
      • Credit cards are accepted.

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